Deleware + New York

We just got back from our trip out east to visit michelle’s family. We took a short jont to New York City for a couple days and had a blast!!! I’ll get some pictures up soon. But here is something to tickle your fancy… 🙂
Us freezing at the Today Show!

New Pics

Hello all,
I’ve posted some pictures from my camera phone onto our gallery. They are kinda low-res so don’t expect much. If you want any explanation of any… just let me know. 🙂

(btw… that one with the back end of a car, his liscence plate was “CPTKIRK”. I thought it was hilarious! )


We’ll i’ve graduated college and i’m started my full time job on monday(5-23-05) . But I have some excellent knews for you!


She starts in septembers teaching 3rd grade for the greenfield public school district! Pretty cool huh? 🙂 I love her!!!! And i’m sooooo proud of her! Congratulations!!!!!

Bridal Shower

Today, February 26, 2005 was my bridal shower for friends, a wonderful time was had by all. I want to say another thank you to all of my bridesmaids who put the shower together. You did a wonderful job! The games were awesome!

There was a trivia game about Paul and myself, I said the answers and told a little story about each question. Another game was a few of my favorite things with Margie walking around and we had to remember what Margie was wearing. The last game involved me walking on newspaper and I thought there were eggs on them and I couldn’t step on the eggs. Low and behold, after I was blindfolded everyone picked up the eggs and my friends directed me around and I thought the eggs were still there. So they had a wonderful time laughing at me, but I was a good sport too, it really was a great game!

Thank you everyone for the gifts. We will certainly use them daily! They are much needed in our new place, wherever we will live! Thank you so much for everything. I can’t express my gratitude enough! Check out the pictures in the picture gallery!