NASCAR odds: Betting lines for Kansas

The following drivers are not among the favorites, but may present good value.

William Byron: 40-1

Austin Dillon: 66-1

Tyler Reddick: 250-1

Bubba Wallace: 400-1

Sean Gardner | Getty Images 3 of 18
Alex Bowman

Race-day Kansas chances: 33-1

Opening Kansas chances: 60-1

2018 Kansas-1 finish: 18th

Greatest Kansas end: 7th (2016 fall)

Jonathan Ferrey | Getty Images 4 of 18
Jimmie Johnson

Race-day Kansas chances: 33-1

Opening Kansas chances: 25-1

2018 Kansas-1 finish: 19th

Greatest Kansas finish: 1st (2008 fall, 2011 fall, 2015 spring)

Chris Graythen | Getty Images 5 of 18
Daniel Suarez

Race-day Kansas odds: 25-1

Opening Kansas odds: 30-1

2018 Kansas-1 finish: 28th

Greatest Kansas finish: 7th (2017)

Sean Gardner | Getty Images 6 of 18
Erik Jones

Race-day Kansas chances: 25-1

Opening Kansas chances: 25-1

2018 Kansas-1 end: 7th

Greatest Kansas finish: 4th (2018 collapse )

Chris Graythen | Getty Images 7 of 18
Kurt Busch

Race-day Kansas chances: 22-1

Opening Kansas chances: 20-1

2018 Kansas-1 end: 8th

Greatest Kansas finish: 2nd (2013 autumn, 2017 fall)

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We’ve Looked Everywhere, and Here’s Our List of the Top US Gambling Sites in 2019

Jump the Headaches and Play in a Legitimate Site

BestYou’re looking for a legitimate U.S. gaming site, but can’t decide which website to trust with your hard-earned cash?
Fantastic news! We’ve been in the internet gambling industry for more than a decade (several decades, actually, if you add all our expertise together), and we have spent hundreds of hours to provide you a listing of the most legitimate websites.
Here Is What all these sites have in common:
10+ years in the business together with strong reputations.
Attractive promotions for first-time clients.
Quick money withdrawals (relative to the U.S. market).
Our Best Recommended US Gambling Websites Dunder review Visit Site Dunder
100% bonus up to $600
Best Excellent gaming applications Excellent bonuses and promos
100 percent up to $600 bonus
Spinia review Visit Website Spinia
100% bonus up to $250
Excellent selection of matches Strong bonuses and promotions
100% up to $250 bonus
BetChan review Visit Site BetChan
100% bonus up to $100
Quick payout instances Excellent bonuses and promotions
100% up to $100 bonus
22bet review Visit Website 22bet
100% bonus up to $122
Casino games and sports Bonuses and promotions
100 percent up to $122 bonus
T&C Apply
10Bet review Visit Site 10Bet
50% around #100
Reputable and trustworthy brand
Strong bonuses and promotions
50% up to #100
T&C Apply
Why Bovada Can Be #1 at the U.S.
#1: Fastest Check Cashouts
Cashout SpeedBovada gets 10 times as much traffic as its next best US competition and delivers check payouts quicker than any of these. Bovada procedures test withdrawals in seven days; most of its competitors take weeks, a few over a month to do the same. (There are additional fast possibilities, such as the #3-ranked BetOnline, that provides evaluations in 14 days.)
#2: Service
Client ServiceAn equally important facet of Bovada’s operations is its customer services. If there was an indicator of just how much a company respects its customers, it’s the level of customer service the business provides. I have not found any US-friendly site doing this aspect of the business better (though 5Dimes is a worthy runner-up).
#3: All-In-One
Best QualityFinally, all pieces of Bovada’s company (sportsbook, casino, poker, racebook) are popular. Bovada is best for sports gambling and casino games, but even its online poker room has around four times as many players online as the second largest US poker site. You can get all of their matches with a single player account.
… But You Should Be Aware of This
Bovada is recreational-friendly, possibly more-so than any other US website. You’ll find few golden opportunities in their sportsbook (read more about their usage of dual lines), they have a relatively high overall house edge (particularly after lately increasing house advantage in video poker matches ) and their online poker room just has”anonymous” tables.
Although not everyone agrees with me, the recreational-friendly part is a benefit for skilled poker players. Since Bovada appeals to recreational gamblers, you will be like a shark one of regular fish.
Bovada fees a 4.9% commission for credit card deposits (a lot considering the amount of websites charge nothing). The impact of the deposit fee is slightly compensated by their own welcome bonuses, which can be much better than average.
Join Bovada and Get a Complimentary $250 Bonus”
All online gamblers search for entertaining games, enticing promotions and aesthetically pleasing applications. To have a safe encounter, but you want a Website to:
Serve its clients with respect and security,
Run with a reasonable house advantage, and
Handle money trades promptly.
Yes, the next stage is included in the very first point but additionally, it is this essential part of the customer experience that it must be mentioned separately. Many internet gambling sites operate without a decent level of service so these factors are worth contemplating. It’s rare to find a combination of all three points.
Bovada fulfills each the aforementioned standards better than other websites but 5Dimes does well, also. In fact, I am confident in ranking those two as the ideal USA gambling websites especially because they deliver so nicely in the areas associated with security and trustworthiness. A site without proper customer support and security measures is not one you should deposit money to, irrespective of its promotions and whatnot.
What Are Some Alternative Options?
For Sports Bettors
5Dimes. Eu is the best gaming website in the US for the following reasons: they are professional-friendly and offer reduced juice betting lines (in other words, less house advantage ). Before betting on any other game, I recommend having a look at the chances 5Dimes is offering. They have been a reliable sportsbook for over 10+ years — you’ll find few complaints regarding 5Dimes on the internet, and the ones you find have been solved quickly.
For poker and casino games, I would go with Bovada. But for sports bettors, it makes the most sense to have an account in 5Dimes.
Another Solid Option is my third proposal. It’s not significantly better than others in any area but they are simply a solid alternative. Immediate cashout processing, adequate poker traffic, good sports betting choices and entertaining casino games. Additionally, I have had great experiences with their customer service.
For sport bettors, BetOnline is worth signing-up at just to be able to compare gambling lines among a few websites. For poker players, BetOnline may provide some fantastic games every now and then (bear in your mind: you are able to bet on sports and play with casino and poker games with the same account, so lots of gamblers will stumble on the poker games finally ). For casino gamers, BetOnline has a basic but reliable supply.
BetOnline charges a 6% fee for credit card deposits.
Is It Legal to Play?
Legal US GamblingThe definition of”gambling” and the laws surrounding vary based on which state you live in.
In Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey, some types of online gambling happen to be legalized and regulated (just state-licensed sites are allowed to operate lawfully ). In other states, it’s likely (but not widely agreed upon) that playing and certainly operating — online gambling games for real cash is prohibited.
On a national level, sports betting is the only kind of illegal gambling via the Wire Act of 1961. For many decades, the Department of Justice (DOJ) maintained that the Wire Act applies to all forms of online gaming, but in December 2011they adjusted that stance by stating that the Wire Act only applies to sports gambling — a consequence of a 13-page memorandum in the Office of Legal Counsel to the Criminal Division of the DOJ (origin ).
State legislation, however, often indirectly prohibit gambling. Or to put it another way: it would be tricky to claim any kinds of online gambling legal with absolute certainty in many states (lotteries and such aside). Most state laws indirectly prohibit gambling by simply making all forms of gambling unlawful that have never been made lawful.
Purely based on history, it’s unlikely you will get into legal trouble; then again, if something is prohibited, you can get into trouble, and somebody else probably will. Gambling online may be illegal where you live. Contact a local gaming lawyer to get a better idea of the local laws.
Legal Troubles
Industry-changing events have happened in the online gambling world — largely about online poker — such as the UIGEA and Party Poker’s exit from the US marketplace, or PokerStars’ exit from the US market in 2011.
Those crimes were committed by internet poker operators, even however, not gamers. Still, the mere actuality that online poker companies were targeted was enough to throw a shadow across the legality of US online poker, and moreover, players grew more and more concerned about one of these sites getting closed down together with the money on their player balances.
In fact, there’s a legitimate reason to fret about dishonest US gambling sites taking your money. Some sites have really removed with the cash — a current example is Lock Poker, that currently may owe its customers over $15 million. I made mainly to give more exposure to the websites with strong track records of fair business practices.
The lawmakers, in that regard, have a point about not allowing unlicensed sites to provide online gaming games to US taxpayers. While that might not be the motive, it’s likely among these. (If I had to guess, I would say they are more worried about losing out on tax dollars and protecting the interests of brick & mortar casino owners like Sheldon Adelson, although through the RAWA — Restore America’s Wire Act legislation — he attempts to do this .)
How to Move Money Around
Money TransferEver since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) turned into a law, US taxpayers have experienced a more difficult time finding an appropriate deposit method.
There are only a couple left, actually.
The most common deposit method for US citizens remains credit card depositsout of that VISA is the most widely accepted brand, followed by Mastercard, with American Express being a distant second. Cards must be eligible for both global and internet transfers.
The alternative procedure is to use a cash transfer service such as Western Union. Western Union is mostly a deposit-only method. (Bovada is an exception because they simply allow you to withdraw cash by means of a check.)
Why to use a money transfer service instead of a credit card?
A card deposit fails to undergo. This happens every now and then, and the only way to understand if your card will be approved would be to try. According to different forum reports, Vanilla VISA is diminished at most websites while Netspend VISA has been successful.
Surprisingly, players have experienced difficulties with card deposits even at state-licensed sites due to banks such as Bank of America outright decreasing all gambling transactions. Things will probably get better with the new MCC codes for VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Distant that will enable casinos to identify gaming transactions more accurately. It is uncertain how much of a help this will be since banks still possess the right to decline transfers marked with the new MCC codes, and due to not needing to violate the UIGEA (based on that they’re banned from knowingly processing unlawful gambling transactions), banks may decide it isn’t worth it and keep cancelling transactions even if they were to get state-licensed websites.
This is expected to change once bigger states — perhaps even the biggest of all of them, California — combine internet gambling, since decreasing the transactions will then affect such a large proportion of any lender’s customer base.
You want a quicker cashout. While cash transport solutions cost more (many sites, like Bovada, let one free test cashout per month), the money is usually delivered to be picked up in a regional Western Union location in five days or less.
You don’t need a test cashout. You have to go to a cashier to cash a check. Many folks prefer to avoid doing this, especially since banks are not allowed to knowingly process online gambling related transactions (unless at Delaware, Nevada or New Jersey, but people have experienced problems in those countries too ).
Generally, you’ll have higher trade costs with money transfer services than with a combination of credit cards and checks. BetOnline and Bovada would be the sole major USA sites charging for credit card deposits and many allow one free check cashout per month — some, such as True Poker, let a free test withdrawal every seven days.
The way to use a charge card/check combination?
Enter your credit card information online after which you have the amount in your player account instantly.
When done , order a check cashout, which will take from a week to more than a month depending on which website you’re handling.
Go to the local bank to cash the check.
The way to use a cash transfer service (such as Western Union)?
Proceed to their site or a live Western Union location and send money to the gambling site. (You’ll need to contact the gambling site first to get their transfer details.)
Once done playing, initiate the withdrawal out of your player account.
Proceed to a live place to collect the cash.
State-Licensed Websites America StatesAs mentioned, Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey have legalized and regulated some kinds of real-money online gambling. Delaware began with internet poker but has since expanded into casino games too; Nevada offers online poker games only; New Jersey offers online poker and casino games.
As you can see, not one of these states offer online sports gambling. In New Jersey — obviously the biggest marketplace of the three — there is a clause according to which sport betting may be thought to be added later on.
Prerequisites You have to be physically located inside a state’s boundaries to perform at the licensed sites. If you are currently located in California but live in Nevada, you’re unable to play until you return to Nevada; if you’re currently located in Nevada but reside in California, you can play as long as you remain within Nevada’s country boundaries.
Licensed sites need to make sure nobody outside of the country can take part in the games. Geolocation — identifying precisely where a person is found — has been hard, and there are still people that are not able to play although they’re found within those states. This is only one of the reasons licensed online gambling sites have done financially worse than anticipated.
Just present brick & mortar casino owners in those states are able to apply for licenses, although they can apply together with an present online gambling site within an software-licensing agreement, such as Caesar’s Interactive and 888. com have done. If a poker site kept operating in the US following the UIGEA of 2006, then it is going to be exposed to some”bad actor” clause in Nevada and be banned from operating in the state for now.
Each state has had a rocky beginning, although New Jersey is doing OK. In March 2014, they did $11.87 million in earnings, which grew into $13.16 million in March 2015. A growth rate of 14.57% year-over-year is far better than nothing, but a far cry from the $1 billion over the first 7 months of operating Governor Christie expected (New Jersey gambling websites were launched in November 2013). In other words, his expectations were a bit over $140 million a month on average, roughly ten times the current earnings.
In accordance with, Nevada’s online poker revenue is going downhill. Year-over-year drop in revenue of about 44% (in February 2014 to February 2015) is, no matter how you look at it, a disappointing outcome. Problems with card deposits and geolocation — both of which exist in other states as well — and player liquidity have undoubtedly contributed to the substantial reduction. Players have to deal with fewer issues when playing offshore sites, and so long as this continues, it will be difficult for state-licensed sites to gain major traction.
In Delaware, the state keeps all yearly revenue up to $3.75 million. Since total revenue for 2014 was around $2.1 million, gaming operators have made nothing. The most important reason for such a low quantity of revenue is Delaware’s inhabitants of 0.94 million (in comparison, New Jersey has a population of 8.9 million). Liquidity is important for internet poker since you need lots of players to run games in different bets, in many forms and during the day. Delaware is hoping to enhance its poker liquidity by mixing participant pools with Nevada but so far there has not been a significant improvement to its internet gaming revenue.
If all of the three states were to unite their player pools, then it might create a poker economy of around 12 million people, which could include significant liquidity into the matches and so earn more revenue to each of those states.
Offshore Sites
OffshoreGambling sites accepting US clients from out the 3 states are all”offshore” websites, meaning they operate from out of the US and have no license to operate inside the united states. They have obtained a permit in various other jurisdictions — including as Antiqua & Barbuda or Panama — but many of these jurisdictions have less-than-stellar reputations.
The drawback of gambling at offshore sites is the lack of safety. For an outsider, it is not possible to know how rigorous testing steps these sites undergo to prove their validity, and hypothetically, if these were to disappear from the online tomorrow along with your money, what would you do about it?
Lock Poker, as already mentioned, is an ongoing example. They’ve lost their license in Curacao (weirdly, they could maintain the permit readily over a year after refusing to process client cashouts) and there’s nothing anybody can do in order to make sure Lock Poker’s clients have their money returned. We all can do is spread the word to the people that are thinking about signing-up and depositing cash to their website.
The very best thing you can do is think about the standing of the site instead of the jurisdiction since all jurisdictions have had dishonest sites. The more a site has been fully operational, and the fewer complaints it has generated, the better. Essentially, Bovada was in the internet gambling business since 2000 when was founded (the US-friendly surgeries of Bodog were re-branded as Bovada in 2011), and as mentioned, they have achieved an superb reputation with a high degree of customer services.
However there are advantages of playing at an offshore site, too, and you could legitimately argue the advantages override the disadvantages. Offshore sites place fewer restrictions on customers, need less personal information and have to compete with lots of other websites (within US countries, competition is restricted ) which forces them to be at their best in order to be successful. There are no geolocation difficulties either.
Security and legality apart — although obviously, both are large concerns — offshore websites are the better choice in almost every area. Since just 3 countries have legalized some kinds of real-money online gaming in america, they are the only areas for online gambling for approximately 96.4% of US population.
What is Next?
US online gaming is at a transitional phase: after a long wait of legalization, three states have done it, mostly with lackluster success. Suggesting geolocation and deposit problems are resolved, revenue streams may grow. With online poker, though, probably at one of the larger states has to legalize it and unite player pools together with the others to make a meaningful poker market.
A national legalization would produce much-needed contest and participant pools, which in turn produces a larger incentive for operators to participate and, in many ways, a much better environment for gamblers. If net gaming was to be legalized nationally, each operator and their grandmother would need a license. As of now, it’s more beneficial for operators to remain beyond the US.

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UFC and MMA Betting

Get the BEST UFC and MMA Betting Odds

Punch the excitement with UFC gambling up! The Ultimate Fighting Championship or even UFC is a mixed martial arts competition. Mixed martial arts or MMA is a kind of fighting style which is becoming wildly popular particularly for lovers who wish to place a UFC wager. Among the highlights of the UFC is that the mix of fighting styles which could be used.
At the beginning of the UFC’s history, it had been regarded as’barbaric’ but now the UFC is very popular and well received. As the popularity of this UFC increased, 888sport began offering online UFC gambling with increasing alacrity. In total, about 150 UFC fixtures are held annually that gives enthusiasts ample chance to place UFC bets.
Betting on UFC
To be able to place successful predictions about the UFC, enthusiasts need get a sufficient amount of information about the fighters who are competing. The results and standings of fighters can serve as a predictor for UFC matches. Fans can get the info they require by watching matches and reading about the fighters’ flaws and strengths. Fans should also know that this sport is unpredictable and also the favoured fighter doesn’t necessarily win. Because of the sport’s unpredictable nature, a lot of people may believe betting is simply guesswork. However, this is simply not true particularly for individuals who have done their research.
UFC Odds and Betting Types
Many UFC bets are available, including the ever-popular straight up bet. This means that fans bet on the final results of this game. In 888sport, fans can put a free wager on their favorite fighter. All fighters have their own chances — fighters offering higher payouts are the ones which are far not as likely to acquire. Alternatively, fighters that have low payouts are the ones which are more likely to win.
Events for the UFC
There are often hundreds of UFC battles held each and every year and those battles are thought to be significant. These fights are so hot that 888sport let fans to place free bets on them throughout the entire season. All of UFC events are regarded as important events but championship title struggles are of even greater significance.

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UFC 235 Betting Odds: Jon Jones-Anthony Smith Tips & Picks ” Betting ” Strategy

UFC 235 Betting Odds: Jon Jones-Anthony Smith Tips & Picks
Jed Meshew
February 28th, 2019 Url copied!
UFC 235 Betting Odds: Jon Jones-Anthony Smith Tips & Picks Quick Tips
Bet Jon Jones over Anthony Smith by entry at +190 with 888Sport.
Bet Tyron Woodley over Kamaru Usman at -148 with SugarHouse.
Bet Robbie Lawler over Ben Askren in +230 with Resorts.
Parlay Jones and Zabit Magomedsharipov in -177 with 888Sport.
On Saturday evening in Las Vegas, Nevada, UFC 235 plays host to some championship double header.
In the main event, Jon Jones will embark on his next title run from the UFC, defending his newly reclaim light heavyweight title against the surging Anthony Smith. From the co-main occasion, Tyron Woodley looks to shield his welterweight title for the fifth time against The Ultimate Fighter 21 winner, Kamaru Usman.
It is a championship weekend using a number of great bets for fans of UFC betting available, so let’s return to it.
Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith Betting Tips
Jon Jones needs no introduction. At only 31 years old, he has staked his claim to being the greatest fighter in MMA history. Thus far, the only thing which has stopped him from being unilaterally known as such is he has a terrible habit of self-sabotage beyond the cage.
But inside the cage, Jones is a virtuoso without equal, capable of doing everything and doing it better than anybody else.
Anthony Smith is a very solid fighter. A career middleweight, Smith moved up to 205 pounds last June following the weight reduction became too much for him and rattled off three fast finishes, vaulting himself towards the top of the light heavyweight rankings off the back of his aggressive style and serious knockout power.
Jon Jones-Anthony Smith Best Bet
For as impressive as Smith has looked since moving up to 205 lbs, some of that is smoke and mirrors. Light heavyweight is among the least gifted branches in MMA, and two of Smith’s wins came over former champions that are well past their primes.
In Jones he faces possibly the greatest fighter who seems to be just hitting his stride. In other words, this can be really a nightmare for Smith and the odds reflect that, with Jones at -835 per 888Sport.
And though those chances are long, the fact of the matter is that they are not long enough. Jones ought to be well over a -1000 favorite, as a Smith upset here will be the biggest shocker in MMA history. Directly up, Jones is textbook parlay fodder, as is your Jones By Finish prop at -500.
For gamblers looking to get a little more bang for their buck, the sole question that needs to be asked is the way Jones will finish the battle.
Jones’ ground-and-pound from leading position is one of the most violent the game has ever seen, but he’s also an underrated submission threat, and Anthony Smith has shown susceptible to being filed before.
A more compact play on Jones by Submission at +190 with 888Sport is a worthwhile play for someone searching for a bit more excitement.

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NASCAR at Richmond odds, key stats, bets to consider: Handicap Toyota Owners 400 with similar race tracks

After an exciting race at Tennessee, NASCAR heads to Richmond Raceway Saturday night (6 rebounds CT, FOX) to the third short-track race that the Cup Series season.

Richmond, the site of the Toyota Owners 400, is 0.25 miles longer than Bristol and Martinsville, but NASCAR still categorizes it as a short track. It’s actually similar to Phoenix’s 1-mile apartment track and New Hampshire in banking and it is no surprise drivers who’ve had success.

Kyle Busch, who won Sunday’s race at Bristol as the race-favorite, once more has the shortest chances (2/1) on the board at the Westgate SuperBook as he seeks his seventh win in Richmond. Busch has finished in the top 10 in each race this season and owns a series-best 6.9 average end in the Richmond. Busch won and directed a race-high 177 laps and has finished first and second in New Hampshire.

MORE: NASCAR Cup Series championship odds, playoff standings

Recent results, richmond rules package

Teams will utilize the 2019 rules package tailored for short paths (less than 1.33 miles) and street classes. A 1.17-inch tapered spacer will be used as it had been earlier this season at Phoenix, Martinsville, and Bristol, with engines expected to create about 750 horsepower. When handicapping Saturday’s 400-lap race, results from Phoenix ought to be bettors’ priority before exploring the results of last year from Richmond and New Hampshire, since packages were utilized.

Pole-sitter Ryan Blaney (94) and Aric Almirola (26) also led laps in Phoenix in March, as did Denny Hamlin (7), Jimmie Johnson (4), and Daniel Hemric (4 ) ). Busch won Stage 1 and Blaney won Stage 2, and the duo was joined by Martin Truex Jr. (second), Almirola (third), and Hamlin (fifth) in the top five at the checkered flag.

Recent consequences: New Hampshire | Richmond | Phoenix

Entering Saturday’s race, short paths of Martinsville and Bristol have been dominated by Team Penske drivers Blaney, Brad Keselowski, and Joey Logano. The trio has directed 795 of the laps this season, as a result of the 486 circuits of Keselowski led.

Curious to win 400 at Richmond to 2019 Toyota Owners

Odds Supplied by Westgate

Kyle BUSCH 2/1
Kevin HARVICK 7/1
Joey LOGANO 7/1
Martin TRUEX JR 7/1
Denny HAMLIN 10/1
Ryan BLANEY 12/1
Chase ELLIOTT 12/1
Clint BOWYER 20/1
Kyle LARSON 20/1
Aric ALMIROLA 20/1
Kurt BUSCH 25/1
Erik JONES 30/1
Jimmie JOHNSON 30/1
Daniel SUAREZ 60/1
Austin DILLON 100/1
Ryan NEWMAN 100/1
Ricky STENHOUSE Jr. 100/1
Alex BOWMAN 100/1
William BYRON 300/1
Chris BUESCHER 300/1
Paul MENARD 300/1
Ryan PREECE 500/1
Daniel HEMRIC 500/1
Ty DILLON 1000/1
Darrell WALLACE Jr. 1000/1
Michael McDOWELL 2000/1
David RAGAN 5000/1
FIELD (others) 1000/1

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NASCAR at Darlington: Vegas odds, fantasy advice, prediction, sleepers, drivers to watch

There are just two weeks left until NASCAR’s playoffs start and there are still lots of automatic forecasts left to your taking. Denny Hamlin has to be thrilled that the tour is led back to Darlington Raceway.

The defending champion of this Bojangles Southern 500, Hamlin is second among active drivers with 2 wins at the 1.366-mile track and he’s seven top 5s and 10 top 10s to go with it at 12 career races at the track. He’s finished in the top 3 in four of the past six races at Darlington and top 4 at five of the last six on that track.

The 38-year-old has to be thrilled to make his way to South Carolina this week because he looks for his first victory of the year as well as an automatic berth into the playoffs. However, with just three finishes inside the top 10 in his last six races, he is not performing his best.

The Big 3 of Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick and Martin Truex Jr. are doing Exactly That. All three have wins on the track in their careers and have combined for 11 top 5s and 24 top 10s at Darlington Raceway. Busch is second among active drivers in motorist evaluation in the South Carolina track (105.1) and he is our pick to win the Bojangles Southern 500.

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UFC 239 – Best Bets

The Octagon returns to T-Mobile Center at Las Vegas for Saturday night’s 11-fight UFC 239 card.

The show comes with a pair of title conflicts, with MMA’s best-ever fighters around the men’s and women’s side defending their respective belts.
Jon’Bones’ Jones is set to shoot on Thiago Santos at the primary event. Jones was a -600 favorite at most novels as of Tuesday, but the Westgate SuperBook had Jones in -850 late Friday afternoon. Santos was a +575 underdog at the Westgate. Quite a few offshore shops had Jones in a less expensive price in the -650 neighborhood. The total was 2.5 rounds (‘under’ -135,’over’ +105) at most areas.
Jones (24-1-1 MMA, 18-1-1 UFC) has had his hand increased 25 times in 26 career conflicts. His only”reduction” was a disqualification for prohibited 12-to-6 elbows in a blowout win over Matt Hamill on Dec. 5 of 2009. His third-round knockout win over Daniel Cormier in UFC 214 was overturned and changed to some no-decision when Jones tested positive for the PED turinabol.
Jones appears — for now at least — to be on the right track outside of the cage recently. This will be his third battle in a span of six months and a week, marking his most activity since 2011-12. He’s indicated he wishes to fight at least three occasions in 2019.
Jones is away from a unanimous-decision win over Anthony Smith in UFC 235 at March. He dominated Alexander Gustafsson with a third-round KO victory at UFC 232 on Dec. 29 of 2018. Before those two successes, many suspensions and arrests enabled him to compete just four times in a period of over five decades.
Jones has cleaned out the light-heavyweight branch during his career. At a five-fight stretch from March 19 of 2011 to Sept. 22 of 2012, he won the belt and successfully defended it four occasions. All five of those wins came over former champions — Shogun Rua, Rampage Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans and Vitor Belfort. Just Evans went the distance with Jones during this span.
Santos (21-6 MMA, 13-5 UFC) is 8-1 in his past nine fights since February of 2017. He’s bagged six fight-night bonuses during this stretch. The 35-year-old Santos competed at middleweight his entire career until moving around 205 lbs to confront Eryk Anders from the UFC Fight Night 137 headliner in Sao Paulo past September.
Anders took the fight on six days of notice if Jimi Manuwa pulled his bout with Santos because of an injury. The former University of Alabama football player had to fly to Brazil and make weight in quick order. Plus, he had been heading up a weight class for the first time in his profession.
The garbage was a slugfest that earned Fight of the Night honors. Unfortunately, Anders collapsed due to exhaustion when attempting to return to his corner once the third round ended. The referee immediately called the fight to give Santos a TKO victory.

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